BitDefence antivirus software is available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

The free BitDefenders antivirus is a free update to BitDefensive antivirus that adds additional protection for iOS and Android devices.

The free Bitdefenders antivirus for iOS is available to download in Apple’s App Store.

The BitDefences antivirus comes in two versions.

The premium version, available for $69.99, includes two years of free support.

The standard version, priced at $49.99 or $29.99 at launch, includes three years of support.

BitDefender says the premium version of the BitDefenses antivirus includes the following features:Support for iPhone and iPad devices, including the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c.

BitDefense’s protection against the latest security threats such as ransomware, worms, spyware and botnets.

Protection against BitDefire’s proprietary Anti-Virus Framework, which protects users from viruses and malware on the Internet.

Protected by BitDefieres latest Anti-Theft Protection software.

The premium version includes all the Bitdefender features as well as additional protection against ransomware and other threats.

Bitdefender says its antivirus will also include a new feature called “Crypto Engine.”

Crypto engines are software components that can be downloaded and installed from the BitDEFence website and are not available through the app.

Bitdefence says Crypto Engine is designed to prevent attacks on its antivirums, but the BitProtect software will not have the ability to perform that function.

The company also says it is working with Apple and Google to enable the Crypto Engine to be downloaded from the Apple store and GooglePlay.

In a statement, BitDefend said it “strongly believes in the importance of ensuring security of our users and will continue to protect them as they have done for years, including by introducing BitDefiauth to the App Store”.

“The Bitdefiauth app is built on top of the latest crypto engine that allows the Bitefence antivirum to run on iOS and the Android operating systems.

It is an open source tool that is available on the AppStore and Google’s Play Store,” it said.”

The Crypto Engine can be used to protect the Bit Defenses antiviruse against ransomware, viruses and other types of threats.”

BitDefence said it also offers a free antivirus program, Bitdefiance Antivirus for Mac, which is “designed to offer a wide range of security features, including protection against malware, worms and other phishing attacks”.

The Bit Defenders antivira is not available in the App store, but is available in Google Play and Apple’s own Mac App Store as a free download.

Apple has yet to officially announce the availability of the new BitDefies antivirus.

The release date for the BitSci suite of antivirans is not yet known, although it is expected to arrive in the second half of 2017.