An antivirus company has offered a free version of its Mac antiviscare suite for a few months, but it is unclear whether the company will be able to offer a permanent version of the software.

Avira CEO Paul O’Brien tweeted Wednesday that the company had “a limited number of Mac antiviruses that we’ve been able to install,” but he did not provide details on how many of those Macs are free.

O’Briens tweet came just days after Apple announced its plans to offer antivirus software for Macs starting April 14.

“As we announced last month, we’re launching an all-in-one Mac antiviral solution for free starting today,” Apple said in a blog post.

“With the Mac antivircare suite, you can now get a free trial for any Mac or PC that’s compatible with Apple’s Mac OS X, iOS, and tvOS platforms.

With the Mac software suite, we’ll be rolling out new versions of Macs with our new macOS Mojave software suite.”

O’Sullivan said the Macs could be free for “a few months,” but did not elaborate on what that timeframe might be.

Macs typically require a monthly subscription fee to run.

Apple said its Mac software team will update the Mac platform every six months with new updates, and that a Mac OS version will automatically roll out to new Macs after that.

The Mac OS team plans to roll out new Mac software for all Macs, including Mac Pro and Mac mini models.

The company also plans to release a new version of Mac OS that includes new features for Mac OSX users.

OBrien did not respond to multiple requests for comment.