PANDASFREE is a new, FREE version of antivirus.

It has the same functionality and features as the previous FREE version, Panda Free, but comes with additional security features, like anti-virus detection, automatic backups, and more.

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If you’re an Android user who is still on a PandaFree trial, it can install PandaFree to help you recover your data, restore your account, and start the process of setting up your own antivirus setup. 

If you are not on a trial, here’s what you can do with PandaFree:1.

Download the PandaFree app from the App Store or Google Play.2.

Open the app and click the “Create a new account” link. 

You’ll be prompted for your Google account password. 

Choose “Yes” if asked for an admin password.3.

Once you’ve logged in, click the Settings icon to set your Google Account as the primary account and set up the following security settings:1) When you log in, you’ll be asked to install a free version of Panda Free. 

When you do, you can choose to add a “Personal ID” that will allow you to access the app. 

The option to set a “home screen” will appear. 

2) Choose your preferred language. 

3) Click the “Start” button and you’ll see a message that says “We will begin the installation of PandaFree”. 

4) Once installed, you will be presented with a new screen that asks you for a password.

Choose “Yes”.5) When PandaFree is installed, it will ask you to confirm your new password.

If you have a default Google account, you won’t need to enter your password.

You can also set a new password, which will be used to login to your account and reset your default password, at any time.

The next screen asks you to add your email address and set it to your default Gmail address. 

Once you’re done, click “Continue”.

Once the process is complete, you should be able to log in to your Google or Gmail account. 

PandaFree can also be used on other Android devices. 

It’s available for iOS users, too. 

For more information on using PandaFree, check out our guide on how to install it on your Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. 

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