It’s no secret that Microsoft is working on a new version of its antivirus suite for Windows.

As we have reported previously, the company is considering rolling out the latest Windows Defender for Mac as well.

But now, the antivirus company is saying it is working with a few other developers to bring the software to Mac.

Windows Defender is the latest update to the antivivirus software suite.

The update adds new features and fixes a lot of bugs, including some critical security vulnerabilities.

The new update adds two new security vulnerabilities: a new one in Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection that allows attackers to bypass sandbox restrictions and a new Windows Defender Framework security issue that can compromise security credentials in Mac OS X. The Windows Defender framework vulnerability can be exploited to launch an unauthorized command-and-control server and cause unauthorized access to user accounts.

While Windows Defender has been available for Windows since the Windows 2000 operating system, the Windows Defender program is no longer supported on the Mac.

Windows Defender is an open source program that can be used to scan and protect systems.

Windows and OS X both use the same set of standards, so users will need to install both versions of Windows Defender to fully benefit from the security improvements.

In a blog post today, Microsoft’s Security team said it was working with several third-party developers to make Windows Defender work on the latest versions of Mac OS.

In addition to the developers who are working on Windows Defender, Microsoft said that its security team was also working with Mac OS developers to work with them to bring Windows Defender and Mac OS’s Security Framework to Mac OS, so that users of Macs can enjoy the full security benefits of Windows.

Windows defenders have a history of being buggy, so Microsoft has a history with security updates.

Windows has had security updates for more than a decade, but these updates are usually not as frequent as those from Apple and Google.

In recent years, Apple and Microsoft have made security updates, but both have made major changes to the security of the software.

In 2015, Microsoft added a new feature called Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET), which helps prevent exploits that exploit flaws in the OS X operating system.

Microsoft said that Windows Defender will now be available in Macs.