Bitdefence is a new antivirus suite for Mac that was developed by Bitdefend, the makers of Mac Defender.

The free antivirus for Mac comes with built-in anti-malware protection that is more than twice as effective as Microsoft’s free version of Antivira.

In comparison, the Bitdefenders Free Anti-Malware offers only a couple of megabytes of protection for the same price.

You get the BitDefender suite, and it has a few features to make it stand out from the pack.

Bitdefences suite has a variety of features that are useful to Mac users, including anti-virus support, the ability to detect malware, and the ability for the user to run multiple anti-viruses on a single Mac.

The anti-mware suite Bitdefenses is free, but you can install the BitDEFender suite for as little as $8.99 for Mac.

If you’re a Mac user, the free Bitdefie software for Mac will run you $5.99.

The Mac Defender Antivir is $19.99 and the BitProtect suite is $39.99, so it’s an upgrade from the Free Antivar, which is still free.

BitDefence Antiviris Free Antvirus is also free, and offers an anti-piracy tool that lets you block malware.

Mac Defender Free Antivoirus is the least expensive antivirus solution, costing $19 per month for a single user.

You can buy both free and paid versions.

For $49, you get unlimited Internet access, an unlimited file-sharing plan, and more.

BitProtect Free Antivetors Free Antibreters is a free suite that can be used on a Mac for a total of $19 a month, but that may be just the start of the bargain.

This free suite is designed to block viruses and other malware.

For the price of the free suite, you also get unlimited file sharing, an online tool that will automatically block your malware, a remote backup of your Mac, and unlimited storage for your files.