How to Disable AVG’s Free Antivirus Service (Free Antiviruses) article How do I remove AVG’s paid antivirus from my PC?

This article will show you how to remove AVG free antiviruses from your computer, which you can find on the web, on your own PC, or on the internet.1.

Press Windows key + R to open Run dialog box.2.

Type “cmd” in the search box.3.

Type the following command in the Terminal: “virunm free” and press enter.4.

Now you can remove AVG Free antivirus Service from your PC.1: Click on Start.2: Click “Run” button.3: In the Search box, type “virulunm” and hit enter.5: Now type “reboot” and click OK.6: Restart your computer.1) Open the Start Menu and click on “Programs & Features”.2: In “Search”, type “advanced search” and type “favre” in front of “Free”.3: Click OK.4: In next window, type in “restart” and reboot your computer as per normal.