Microsoft is rolling out an update for Windows10, adding more features and functionality to the operating system.

Windows 10 is expected to include more security features such as fingerprint recognition and facial recognition, according to Microsoft, but that will be rolled out in the future. 

A recent blog post from Microsoft shows that the company is planning to make facial recognition available for all users, and that this feature will be available as soon as Microsoft’s next Windows update.

Fingerprint recognition is one of the main features that users may see in Windows 10, but Microsoft isn’t giving any more details about how it will work.

Facial recognition is similar to facial recognition found in iOS or Android, which is part of Microsoft’s vision to make the operating systems user-friendly.

This feature can be used to automatically identify faces based on the color of their eyes, and can also be used in a number of other ways.

Microsoft is also expected to offer a facial recognition feature that can be enabled in the Windows 10 operating system itself, allowing users to identify people and objects by the color they use.

Microsoft also plans to include a fingerprint reader, which can be placed on the bottom right corner of the Start screen and will be able to recognize people by the face they have.

Microsoft has also added a number other features to Windows 10 to make it easier to update.

The update will include an easy to use backup option for Windows, and it will allow users to upload photos to share with friends, and a new option will allow them to download files directly from the Internet.

Users can also access the Windows Store from the Start menu, and there will also be a number features that will let them manage their PCs and tablets.

Microsoft said that its new features and capabilities will be released to Windows Insiders in the coming days. 

Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 update is expected for October 25.