Microsoft is offering a $10 Microsoft Security & Protection credit toward the purchase of antivirus software from Microsoft.

The offer, which is valid from October 5, 2018 to October 15, 2018, applies to “commercial” and “non-commercial” licenses, but also applies to Microsoft Certified Solutions (MCS) as well as other licensees, Microsoft said in a blog post.

To get the $10, you need to be a registered Microsoft customer.

It’s worth noting that the offer is limited to “only commercial and non-commercial licenses” but Microsoft said that “commercial licenses, and licenses on a business-to-business basis, are subject to the same terms.”

To get an MCS license, the $15 Microsoft security and protection credit can be applied toward the cost of the license.

The MSDN article says you can only apply for a $15 credit and it will be applied to “up to two” licenses.

Microsoft recommends that customers apply the credit toward their MCS licenses and not their existing licenses.

The credit is available to purchase through Microsoft’s online store, the Microsoft Security Suite, but you can also download the application and apply it at a Microsoft retail store.