The Microsoft antivirus app is a great example of how mobile malware can be used for evil.

Now, a new app that allows users to test for and remove the latest malware, dubbed the Microsoft Virus Removal Tool, is getting a major update.

The app is still under development, but the new update is the first to include the latest versions of Microsoft antiviruses.

The Microsoft Virus Reduction Tool for Android has been updated to v1.5.0, the latest version for both Android and iOS, and includes the latest security updates.

You can install it from the Google Play store for free, but there are also additional download options available in the app’s settings.

You will need to sign in to the Microsoft account in order to test the new app.

This is the app for testing new Microsoft antivirentries.

You don’t need to be a Microsoft employee to test this app, which is an easy way to learn about the newest security features in the Microsoft apps.

The new app includes the ability to remove malware from your phone.

You’ll need to download the app, install it on your device, and then tap on the Microsoft logo to test it.

It’ll take you to a screen with a new “App icon” that displays the latest Microsoft app.

This app will allow you to test a new version of the Microsoft virus removal tool, which will be more advanced than the current version.

Once installed, you can tap on a specific file or folder and it will scan it.

You won’t be able to remove the malware from that file or a folder on your phone, but you can try to remove it from a specific folder or file.

For example, if you tap on “my apps” and the app asks you to check a file called “,” you can click on “yes” to remove that file.

You can test this tool on the Windows 10 Anniversary Update for Android, which includes the new Microsoft Virus Protection Service (MSP) and the latest Android Security Update for Windows 10.

You need to install the app and select the “Microsoft Virus Protection” option, which installs the Microsoft app for you.

To test the app on the latest MSP, tap on its “Install” button, then tap “Get Started.”

You’ll be asked to provide a Microsoft account and a passcode to unlock your device.

If you tap “Yes,” the app will download the latest update to the MSP.

This is a new feature, and you’ll be prompted to give the Microsoft Account password.

You also need to have an Android phone with at least 64GB of storage to test.

If the app does not download the update, you’ll have to restart your phone or reboot to activate the update.

After the app downloads the update and you tap the Microsoft icon, the app scans the device for any malicious files or folders.

You’re asked to tap on any of the items to see what it finds.

The next screen shows a list of malicious files and folders, along with the files that have been detected by the app.

Tap the “Check” button to see the app list.

The Microsoft Virus Prevention Tool is one of the most popular antivirus tools available for Android.

This new app also has a new function to detect and remove apps that contain malicious code.

If an app uses malicious code, the Microsoft malware protection tool will also check that app and remove it.

If that app is detected, it will then be blocked.

You might be thinking that the app can’t be used to detect the latest and greatest security vulnerabilities in the world, but it can be.

The current version of Microsoft Security Bulletin reports that the latest Windows 10 update contains an update that prevents malicious apps from installing on your Windows 10 device.

The update is available now for both 64-bit and 32-bit Windows 10 devices.

The latest update will be available in September.

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