Microsoft has made several updates to its BitDefenders antivirus scanning tool, adding privacy and protection tools, improved performance, and a redesigned interface.

Microsoft released its Bitdefenders scanning tool in March, and it has been updated with new features, new privacy options, and improved privacy protections since then.

BitDefences scanning tools have been widely downloaded by users of the Microsoft suite of antivirus software and have been used by many large businesses, including large companies like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon.

Microsoft said it has made more than 150 million downloads of the tool.

The new version of BitDefenses scans are the latest in a string of updates Microsoft has been making to the BitDefends scanning software, including a security update that removed an important security flaw in March and a new version that added a privacy option.

Microsoft also released a new privacy tool, Privacy Protection, on Tuesday.

Privacy Protection adds a privacy checkbox in the Bitdefender scanning tool to let users know that they may be asked to allow access to personal information.

Privacy Protection is a feature that lets users choose to let others see their personal information, such as email addresses or passwords, for the purposes of reporting a breach.

Privacy protection is only available for Windows PCs, Macs, and Android devices.

Privacy protection is available to users of Microsoft’s Antivirus Protection Suite and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Privacy Protection.

Privacy is available in Windows 10 and Windows Server.

Privacy protects users from being targeted for advertising, and the company says it is not collecting personal information from its users.

Privacy Protections are free, and Microsoft says the privacy checkboxes help users choose whether to allow their personal data to be shared with others.

Microsoft’s Privacy Protection feature allows users to set their own privacy settings.

Users can turn Privacy Protection on or off.

Privacy protections are not available to Windows 10 users, although Microsoft said the company is working on an update to its security tools to add a Privacy Protection option to the browser, Windows Defender, and Internet Explorer.

The privacy check boxes in the new version allow users to turn Privacy Protect, Privacy Protect for Business, and Privacy Protection for Users.

Privacy protections include a Privacy checkbox, which allows users and organizations to set whether or not they want to allow people or organizations to see their private information for the purpose of reporting breaches.

Privacy safeguards are also available for all of Microsoft Microsoft’s antivirus tools.

Privacy Protections will continue to be available to all of the company’s antiviruses, including Windows Defender and Internet Defender.

Privacy protectors are free.