Northeastern University is the latest in a long line of schools to announce they are discontinuing the use of Microsoft’s antivirus suite, with the university announcing today that its antivirus will be replaced by a free suite from Open Source Security.

Northeastern has been using a suite of software from the company since 2008, but in April of last year, the university announced that it would be closing its use of Windows Defender in favor of Microsoft Antivirus, the free software suite of its antiviruses.

Today’s announcement comes after the university issued a press release on April 5, saying it will be discontinuing Windows Defender, and announcing a new antivirus product.

The new antivirans will be available as a free download, and the company will also offer a Windows 7 Ultimate Edition that includes the suite.

The new antiviral suite is built on the same underlying technology that is found in its Windows 7 Home and Professional editions, and is intended to help students take full advantage of the new platform.

Microsoft said in a press statement that the new antivircare suite will be a great addition to the university’s security suite, and that its new suite will help students “improve the security posture and the capabilities of their campus.”

“The use of this new suite and our work with the Northeastern community is an important step towards improving security posture at our institutions, while at the same time supporting the continued growth of the industry,” said Steve Roth, vice president for Microsoft’s Office product group.

“Northeast has been a leader in providing students with an antivirus experience that is the best of both worlds: free, secure, and available from any PC on campus.

By leveraging Open Source’s Security Suite, we are helping to bring the best features of Open Source and its suite to our students.”

In a blog post on April 7, Microsoft said the new suite was created to provide students with the ability to quickly take advantage of a new generation of security products.

“We are proud to announce the release of the Microsoft Antirus Suite Free, which will be released this week.

This suite is a perfect fit for the new generation and includes many of the features that students will need for their academic work,” said Eric Anderson, senior vice president of Windows, Devices, and Security, in the statement.

“Students will have the flexibility to use this suite for all of their work, and they can be assured that their work will not be compromised.”

The new suite is available for free download through the Microsoft Store.

The suite will work with any Windows 7 or Windows 7 Pro computer, and will work well with any OS, from Windows XP through Windows 10.