You don’t need to install any antivirus app, but you do need to download the latest version of bitdefenders antivirus software.

The best antivirus suite on the market, bitdefends is known for its robust antivirus protection.

But with free versions available on Android and iOS, it can also offer security enhancements like remote desktop protection.

You can use bitdefend free to install a free version of the antivirus program.

bitdefended is a popular antivirus that is also available in several other popular platforms.

Here are the steps to install the free version.

Launch the app and then select Settings > Security > Advanced.

Then tap the Install button.

This will install the latest free version for your device.

Then reboot your device to make sure that bitdefending is installed correctly.

You will be asked to restart your phone, but that will not prevent the app from downloading and installing.

This is a very good sign that bitDEFENSE is installed properly.

Now you will be presented with the choice of whether to install it in the background or in the foreground.

Go to Background and select Install.

Now, if you want to use bitDEFEND in the Background mode, you will need to restart the phone every time it is started.

For example, you can do this after installing a new app or a web page, to restart it after that.

To enable bitDEFENCE in the Normal mode, tap the Add button.

Then choose the Background and you will see a screen that asks you to enter a PIN code.

This PIN code is then used to encrypt your data when the phone is switched off.

Then go back to the Settings menu and choose the Advanced option.

Now tap the Show More button to view the full list of features.

You should now be able to access bitdefenses settings.

You do not need to worry about the settings of the app, which is the main reason that you should install bitdefence free.

Now let’s move on to installing the free antivirus on your Android or iOS device.

To install the antiviral app, go to Settings > Applications and scroll down to bitdefense.

In the Search box type bitdef, tap Install, and then tap OK.

You are all set.