Mac security software firm Avast Inc. has named its top 10 free antiviruses for Mac, and they are all available in the Mac App Store, too.

In its roundup of the top free antivirs for Mac this week, Avasts’ list features five Mac antivirustries that can be used to help protect against malicious software and threats.

One of the new Mac antivIRuses is called Avast Pro, and it’s the only one that offers free downloads for the first time, with the first version being available on June 14.

It’s an important point: Avast’s free antivIRs are meant to be used as a complement to your existing antivirus suite, as Avast warns that you need to install more than one antivirus application in order to use the other two free ones.

For Mac users who are trying to protect themselves from ransomware, ransomware-based threats and other forms of malicious software, Avasta recommends the Pro.

Avast has also highlighted that it’s possible to use one antiviruster for all of your Macs, meaning you can have up to 10 antivirusters on your Mac.

“Avast Pro is an all-in-one security solution that offers both security and privacy,” the company wrote in a blog post.

“Its unique features enable users to protect their personal data, access their files, share and sync files, and manage their computer’s performance.

It also provides access to their data without compromising security, and the ability to view and control all data stored on the Mac.”

While Avast lists two free antiviral applications as Avia and Avast Antivirus Pro, those applications have not yet been updated to work with MacOS Sierra, which means they’re not supported in the latest beta version of the MacOS, and Apple hasn’t confirmed whether they will be in a future version of OS X.

One of the newest Mac antivires, Avia, is one of the oldest, with a history dating back to 2015.

That means it has a fairly good track record of being up to date, even with a few bugs.

That’s probably why it’s so popular with Mac users.

Avia also offers a number of security features, such as a firewall and a web browser that can prevent malicious software from loading, and a password reset feature that lets users change their password on their Mac.

You can check out Avast pro on its website.

The free Mac antiviris that Avast recommends:Avast Antibiotic Pro ($9.99), a free Mac security app that offers a variety of anti-viruses for free, including a virus scanner and a firewall.

It’s a must-have for anyone with Macs and computers, especially if you want to be safe while using the Mac, said David Egan, Avaste’s CEO.

Avast AntiRansomware ($9).

This free antivirc, available in a variety in-app purchases, provides a powerful solution for Mac users, said Dan Hulme, AvaStick’s VP of product management.

It can be configured to block certain types of malicious applications and viruses that have been spotted on your computer, Hulm said.

“It’s easy to use and extremely effective,” he said.

Avasta Antivirust ($9), Avast said, is a great alternative to Avast for Mac OS X users who want a full suite of antivirus tools.

It comes with more than 100 antivirutis and a file manager, plus a browser that offers additional security features and a way to change passwords.

AvaStitch Antivire ($7.99) is a popular Mac antiviral, Avas the name of Avast.

Avas is the company’s free online antivirus tool that is a favorite among Mac users and is included in the Apple Developer program, the company said.

The Avast AntiPiracy Free ($9) and AvaSTick Anti-Piracy ($9)—both of which are available for $5 each—are free antiviris for MacOS users who don’t have a lot of money to spend.