The free antivirus suite offers a lot of options for the average consumer, but not everyone wants to pay $1,999 for the full suite.

That’s where ESET’s nod32 comes in.

The company has released a new $10 premium version of the free antiviruses suite that includes a handful of new features.

These include a new feature that lets you automatically scan for malicious code, which will help you detect potential security breaches or malicious websites.

The free versions also include a lot more antivirus options, including more antivirals that can be customized with advanced features like auto-repair and automatic detection.

If you’re looking to save some cash, you can also get ESET nod32 for $20.

If your budget is a bit more modest, you might want to check out ESETs nod32 Premium package, which includes all of the features and support of the nod32 free version.

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