The free antivirus company Symantech has announced it is pulling its software from the Apple App Store, after Apple made the decision to not renew the license to Symantek.

Symantech says it will be rolling out a free version of its software that uses a free upgrade to Apple’s MacOS 10.12.4 update, which was released in April, for customers.

The company said it is working with Apple to “continue to provide free software updates to the Mac App Store and other Apple platforms.”

Apple has been in talks with Symanteks CEO Bob Otellini to renew the licence for the Mac OS X 10,11.3.5 update, Symantemos CEO said in a statement.

Apple did not respond to a request for comment.

Symants MacOS software, including the free antiviruses, was pulled from the Macs App Store last week after the company said that it could not guarantee that the software would work correctly on Macs running the 10.13.1 update.

Symantes Mac OS Software is currently in beta testing on iOS devices and on some Windows machines.

Symantis software is currently available for download through the Mac Apps store.

SymANTEC said in the statement that it is “working with Apple” to “remain in close contact with Symants OS team” to help it “develop and deploy a free, free, MacOS 9.4 free software update for Symantee’s Mac OS products” as soon as possible.

The company said in its statement that “our long-term vision is to provide customers with free antiviral software for the next decade.”