Now that the Avast Free Avasteri Premium 3.0.4 update is live, we wanted to know how you’re using it, what you’ve been seeing in your antivirus experience, and what you’re hoping to see in the next release.

Let’s dive in.

What’s New in Avaster’s Free AVast antivirustware Suite 3?

1.3.5 is a minor update that adds several new features to the suite.

This includes a new “Fast” mode that allows you to run up to 10 simultaneous scans per day and allows you unlimited scans. 

The new Fast mode has a number of other new features including an auto-scans feature that allows users to quickly scan for viruses without waiting for a background process.

The new Fast scan can also be used to quickly test for potential malware infections, including adware, malware, and adware-like components. 

A number of features have also been streamlined.

The suite now supports all the latest security and privacy tools. 

Avast now has a “Scan” tab, which allows you search through the various options for each scan you have run.

You can also now add files to your “Samples” tab to see how the antivirus handles files. 

Finally, you can now select “Scan Now” from the left-side toolbar to quickly run a scan with a predefined date and time. 

We’ve also improved the way the “Scan to File” tab works.

It now allows you quickly scan your computer for the first time, with no additional steps.

The scan can be paused for up to five minutes, but the results will be cached on the computer. 

Lastly, you’ll be able to see the “Advanced” mode.

This is where the advanced options are.

It allows you fine-tune the scan to find new infections. 

In addition, Avast now offers two “Advanced settings” for its “Fast scan.” 

The first allows you set the frequency and speed of the scan.

The second allows you disable a feature to quickly identify which files are potentially infected. 

There’s also a new settings option that allows the user to set the file types and folders that will be used when a scan is run. 

Overall, this is a major update for the suite and we look forward to seeing how you use it! 

2.1 is the latest update that will address the “Slow scan” bug that was reported on September 10th.

We are excited to see that you have reported the issue and we are looking into ways to fix it. 

As we continue to investigate, we are also working on a fix that will fix this issue. 

You can find a full list of new features in our Avaster 3.2.5 Release Notes . 

Please note: This is not an update for existing users, nor does it address any issues that have been reported in the previous Avaster versions.

This update addresses these issues as well as a number others that we are currently investigating. 

Thanks for your patience and understanding as we work to resolve this issue! 

3.4 is a small but significant update that brings several new functionality enhancements.

This included a new Advanced “Scan now” option that will allow you to quickly and easily run a single scan, while still allowing you to skip the background process to scan. 

It also includes an updated “Skip File” option to speed up a single file scanning. 

Here are a few of the new features that have made their way into the suite: Improved detection of common threats that are commonly encountered by the average user. 

“Scan Now”-style functionality that lets you quickly and quickly run up a scan on the first available file type. 

Improved “Skip Files”-style feature that lets users quickly scan their computer for files that are potentially malicious. 

New “Scan and Save” and “Scan To File” features to allow you quickly save a file and then run a second scan to quickly examine the files that have already been scanned. 

More powerful “Scan by Folder” feature that enables you to scan folders for the most common malware threats. 

Advanced “Skip Path” feature allows you choose a specific path for your file scanning, and then you can quickly scan the folder that is specified. 

Better “Scan with Path” functionality that allows for easy scanning of specific file paths. 

Ability to scan a file or folder with multiple files, folders, and/or paths.