Anti-viruses have long been known as the anti-malware industry’s gold standard, but they’re facing growing competition in recent years.

Now, a former senior executive with the company that manufactures and sells them is leaving the company after more than a decade on the job.

The Globe and Mail’s Robert Benzie talks to Scott Hockman, the founder and chief executive of Advanced Security Solutions.

He says the company has been losing millions of dollar’s worth of revenue for the last year.

The new CEO says he’s working to restore the company’s reputation, restore trust in its products and rebuild trust in the broader antivirus community.

Benzie says the industry has moved away from the notion of a security threat and toward the idea of a consumer threat.

What were some of the biggest challenges?

Benzie tells The Globe he believes there are a number of challenges facing the antivirus industry today.

Antivirus software is evolving.

It is evolving in ways that it was not 10 years ago.

And that is where there’s a lot of uncertainty.

Benzies view is that antivirus software will remain stable and stable for the foreseeable future.

But some experts say it’s also a problem of software availability.

Benzieds team is still in the process of revamping the company.

Benziet is in charge of the company in Canada and he has not commented on his departure.

But he’s not letting it hold him back.

Benziies company has already announced that it will begin to sell an antivirus product that is free and that has already gained some traction.

So what’s the biggest risk for AVs in the future?

Benzies company is in the early stages of a major upgrade to the antiviral product.

It’s being built in-house, but the software and the software updates are still being developed.

There are still some big hurdles ahead of the software being released.

Benzienes company is also still working on the new AV software that is to be released later this year.

He has not announced any price points.

How do you decide who to work with?

Benzienys team is also working on developing an antiviral solution for the Internet of Things.

The company is currently working on a product that will be sold in homes and businesses, and is also trying to build a software solution for security devices.

Benzier is in that area of expertise, and he says AV products are already being sold in that arena.

Are there any major risks associated with AVs?

Benzier says AVs are always evolving.

They are always changing, and the industry is evolving to deal with those changes.

But, he says, AVs continue to have a big role to play in protecting consumers.

As for the company itself, Benzies current focus is on building out a new antivirus solution that will address the evolving security needs of the Internet.

Is there a risk AVs could become the next wave of threats?

Benziers company, AV-Assist, has been around for years, and there have been a number attempts to turn it into a product.

Benzias team is working to build on the technology that has been developed.

He said it’s still early days.

And Benzies team is not necessarily in a position to make predictions on the future of AVs.

He does not have any inside information on AVs as far as what might be coming in the next few years.

But there is a growing consensus that AVs will continue to grow in popularity.

And Benzies focus is not just on the AV market.

He wants AVs to have more power.

Benzianys team has been able to put together a strong product that has become one of the most popular AVs on the market, and that is important for the future.

Benziays team also needs to build out a stronger reputation for the product, and to do that, he needs to grow the company with new employees.

Benzies team also has a lot more to do.

He needs to hire more employees.

He is working with several other teams in the security industry to bring in new talent.