The latest antivirus may seem like a welcome gift to keep your systems secure, but the latest version of AVG may have more security risks than you think.

The company says that, despite the latest security updates, the AVG antivirus could still be vulnerable to a malicious attack.

Read moreThe latest version is the AVG Antivirus 5.1.1, which includes fixes for a handful of vulnerabilities in the software that were recently uncovered by security researchers.

That update comes just a few days after the company announced a fix for an even more serious vulnerability.

That bug could allow an attacker to gain access to your computer’s files, websites and applications, and even compromise your system itself.

The security company says its patched version is meant to be used only in conjunction with an antivirus that has already been installed.

That means that if you install an antivaids update, you won’t have to uninstall it to avoid the security issue.

But while the latest versions of AVG and Microsoft’s Windows Defender may be designed to be a safe haven, the company has been warning users about the vulnerability for months.

The latest security issue affects the Windows Defender toolkit, and it affects only Windows versions up to Windows 10.

If you’re using Windows 10, you don’t have any immediate risk.

However, if you’re a regular user of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 SP1, you should uninstall AVG before using the new security update.

The company recommends users use a different antivirus to stay protected.

If that means running another antivirus, then it’s up to you to do so.

If you’re concerned about the latest update, AVG says it will automatically remove it from your system.

If the issue persists, AVG recommends you uninstall AVG from your computer.