When you want to avoid getting your Mac infected with ransomware, there’s no other app on the market quite like Kaspersky’s free Mac antiviruses app.

The app’s developers said in a blog post that Macs infected with the Cryptocorrent ransomware have become more resistant to its antivirus solutions than Windows users, and Mac users are now less likely to be infected with Cryptocoris ransomware.

Kaspersky said that Cryptocoros ransomware attacks, which have been increasing in frequency in recent weeks, are now primarily targeting Mac users.

Cryptocoros malware, which encrypts files on a user’s hard drive, encrypts those files by using encryption keys derived from files stored on the device’s hard disk.

In order to decrypt a file, a ransomware user has to pay a fee in Bitcoin (or some other cryptocurrency) in order to have the files decrypted.

Kudos to Kaspersko for not only identifying and disclosing the malware’s existence, but also for making a ransomware-detection tool that’s free and simple to use.

The ransomware has already infected at least one Mac, but Kasperska is hoping to make it more difficult for ransomware to appear on Macs in the future.