The latest version of Avira, the antivirus software that Microsoft purchased for $600 million in 2014, has become a major headache for Apple.

The latest update to the software, version 14.1, for Apple devices, introduced new security features, including a bug that makes it harder for attackers to use the tool to gain control of computers.

This year’s version of the Avira software also includes a bug in the tool that allows attackers to exploit the vulnerability to gain access to Apple devices.

The software is already causing problems for some users, including Apple’s chief operating officer, Lisa Jackson, who has been trying to persuade users to update to this version of it.

Jackson has warned that it could be the cause of a security breach and said she has been calling Apple about this bug for some time. 

She told the Financial Times, “It’s a real concern, it could make it harder to use Avira in the future.”

The software’s latest version adds a bug to the Aviva-protected version that allows it to execute code on systems that have a maliciously crafted app.

The Avira app can be used by people to steal sensitive information, such as bank account numbers, financial accounts, medical records and credit card information, from infected computers.

The bug allows Avira to use a “kill switch” to prevent Avira from executing code on infected computers, but Jackson told the FT that Avira has found ways to get around this bug.

“I’ve been calling them and saying, ‘Hey, let’s just patch it in and move forward.'”

She said that she was working with Apple to find a solution.

Avira’s latest update is available to download from the App Store for free.

It also includes new security measures that allow it to identify malware infections on infected devices.

For example, Avira can now automatically identify if a file has been modified or if an infected device is connected to the internet.

Jackson said that Aviva will be working on a new security update for the Aviba software next week.

It is not clear whether Avira will be fixed before the end of the year or after.

The company has said that it will continue to update Avira for several more months.