GOP leaders plan to send a bill to the president’s desk that would overhaul the way the federal government handles cybersecurity and the need for private companies to share cybersecurity risk data with each other.GOP leaders plan on sending a bill Wednesday that would amend a 2015 law that requires private companies and the government to share their cybersecurity risk information.

The legislation would create a federal cybersecurity agency to handle the sharing of cyber threats.

The bill would also establish an independent cybersecurity commission and establish a special panel to study cybersecurity risks.

The bipartisan cybersecurity bill, which has been referred to the House Ways and Means Committee, has been in the works for months by Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), who also is chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

The 2018 cybersecurity bill has a number of provisions that would benefit business, which have said it is too costly for them to maintain a cybersecurity program.

But some of those provisions have not been fully considered, according to industry sources familiar with the bill.

It has been a long time coming for the bill to move forward, the sources said.

Alexander’s plan to reform the federal cyber system comes at a time when businesses and other organizations are looking to automate cybersecurity as they try to adapt to changing security threats.

In October, the Department of Homeland Security released a report that said that cybersecurity is the top threat facing American businesses.

The report called for more collaboration among federal agencies to improve cybersecurity and reduce the amount of time companies must spend managing their own data.

The report also called for creating a national cyber security strategy that includes cybersecurity as part of its overall plan to help businesses reduce risk.

The cybersecurity agency would be a “new federal agency charged with managing cybersecurity risks, including cyber threats,” the report said.

The Department of Justice has not yet announced the names of the members of the agency.

But it has said that the cybersecurity office would have responsibility for managing cybersecurity risk.

The Justice Department has also indicated that it would be tasked with advising the secretary of defense on cybersecurity.