Micro malware infections are not uncommon, and this is no exception.

It is the result of a wide variety of factors, including poor coding and coding errors in the software itself, and poorly written security policies.

Here’s how to prevent a micro infection, according to the Micro Security Alliance, an organization focused on cybersecurity.


Verify the software is installed properly 2.

Check if you have the latest version of the software 3.

Check the license for the software 4.

Check for updates 5.

Check whether you have a virus scanner to protect your computer.


Check to see if the application is installed on your device 7.

If the app does not show up in the App Store, contact your carrier to have it removed.


Remove the app and reinstall it, or uninstall the app.


Reinstall the app if you are still experiencing problems 10.

If you have not been able to uninstall the application, contact the company for a refund.


Contact the manufacturer for instructions on how to install the software and remove it. 12.

If there is no software update available, contact an app store reseller or a vendor to have the app removed.


If a virus scan indicates that your phone is infected with micro malware, contact AppleCare or contact the vendor for instructions.