Microsoft antiviruses and malware have been running on PCs for decades, and they’re becoming more prevalent with each passing day.

Symantech, the company behind antivirus and malware software, has been warning users that the company is working on a fix to stop that.

But the latest issue that Symantemics is highlighting is an issue that’s been around for years, and it’s being pushed back by Microsoft.

The new issue has been around since last October, but the company has been working on it since 2016, and now, it has been added to the list of “critical issues” it has on its roadmap for 2018.

Symantech’s main issue with Microsoft is that its antivirus doesn’t always work on all platforms, meaning it can’t detect and detect malware, but it can still help you protect your computer against ransomware and other attacks.

Symants issues are all on Windows, so we won’t be able to look at the latest updates for Microsoft’s antivirus.

Symants latest update to the antivirus lists it as one of the “critical vulnerabilities” and says it needs to be fixed to “enable the full potential of our software to protect you and your family from these threats.”

Symantec says the update was released a few days ago, and Symantems team says they are actively working on fixing the issue.

SymANTEC’s statement says that the fix is already in place and that Microsoft is actively working with them.

The fix that Symants team is using isn’t exactly the fix that Microsoft has been offering.

In fact, it’s actually the latest version of the Microsoft antiviral that Symanticech says Microsoft is making.

Symantis antivirus can only detect ransomware, malware and trojans, so if Microsoft is working to fix this problem, it doesn’t seem like they’re taking the new Microsoft update seriously.