Bitdefenders antivirus program is getting a few updates to address security issues in the coming months.

The company announced today that it is introducing a new beta version of its Bitdefence security software, which will be available to download for free via its website.

It will also be available for $2.99.

The new version of Bitdefences software will have a few new features and a new feature to prevent users from installing malicious software.

The latest version of the Bitdefenses antivirus will also include a new detection mode for Mac users.

Bitdefensive is the first antivirus to offer the new detection modes, which the company says will be useful for Mac and Windows users.

The Bitdefends Mac and Mac OS X antivirus products will be updated as soon as the new beta is available.

This is a very welcome update to our security products and we hope that everyone will be able to benefit from it.

The beta version will include several new features, including: Enhanced File Integrity The BitDefender Mac and OS X version of their Bitdefense antivirus now includes Enhanced File Inclusion, which means that the antivirus is able to detect file extensions for malicious software even if they are located in hidden files.

This means that it can prevent malicious files from being installed on a Mac or Windows machine even if the files are hidden.

Enhanced File Protection When Bitdefenser detects an unknown file, it can use its advanced file protection technology to protect the file against tampering and removal.

This includes automatic detection of any malicious file types, including malware and viruses.

Improved file management for Mac And OS X users can now set up automatic file removal from the BitDefence Mac and the BitDEFender Windows software.

Users can also use the BitProtect app to monitor file activity on a BitDefense Mac.

Enhanced Bitdefended Protection With the new Bitdefensible protection features, the Bit Defenders antiviruses are capable of handling much larger files.

In addition to the new advanced file protections, Bitdeference Mac and BitDefenders Windows versions now include the following additional enhancements: Enhanced Encryption Protection Bitdefensions Mac and iOS versions now also support Enhanced Encrypted File Protection.

Encryption is a key feature that helps protect files from unauthorized access by third parties.

Encrypted files are encrypted with a digital key that only the owner of the file can decrypt.

The user can then use the decryption key to decrypt the file.

BitDefends Mac users can also now automatically encrypt files with Bitdeface.

This enables users to use Bitdefaces new encryption feature to protect files on a computer that they control or control over BitDeface.

Enhanced Encrypation Protection BitDefenders Mac and iPhone versions now support Enhanced Extrusion Protection.

Extrusions encrypt files by using key encryption to protect data from being read or copied by malicious parties.

Enhanced Extraction Protection For the first time ever, BitDeference users can use the Enhanced Extration Protection feature to encrypt files and folders in Bitdefie.

This feature is used to encrypt file data that has been modified, but does not actually delete data.

Enhanced Security For Mac and mobile users, Bit Defender is now also capable of detecting malware using the Enhanced Security feature.

In other words, it now supports both Bitdefend and Bitdefending for Mac.

This new feature allows Bitdefiance to automatically detect malware on Mac and PC systems and also to automatically block the use of certain files.

Enhanced Malware Detection With the Enhanced Malicious File Detection feature, BitDEFenders antivircs can now detect and block malicious files and folder attachments on a machine running the Bit Defender Mac software.

Enhanced Data Protection for BitDefensions Mac OS and iOS users can automatically install BitDefensible’s advanced data protection features with the Bit DEFender Mac software and then use them to protect their files on their Macs and iOS devices.

The Advanced Data Protection feature includes BitDefiance’s Data Encryption and File Encryption features.

The Enhanced Data protection features include: Enhanced Data Encrypting The BitDEFend Mac and Apple iOS versions of BitDefended now support the Enhanced Data encryption feature.

The encryption of files, folders and files on BitDefie Mac and devices is more secure than using BitDefy for Mac alone.

Encryptors can also be enabled by default on all devices running the Mac OS or iOS versions.

Enhanced Disk Encryption With the BitDEPEND Mac and Android versions of the app, BitDEPend users can encrypt their files by default.

This lets them use the Mac or Android version of a BitDEFEND Mac app on their mobile devices without having to install additional software.