Norton vs. Windows Defender: Best Antivirus for PCs

Norton antivirus has a new software update, and the biggest change is the removal of the norton-branded version of the software.This means users will no longer have to install the free Norton Antiviruses or Windows Defender Pro.Norton has updated its software to version 17.3.2.The software’s download page is now updated to show a newer version […]

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Do you need antiviruses on your Mac?

Microsoft antivirus free and pro is a must-have for all Mac users.The latest version of the popular software will protect you from a wide range of threats from malware, ransomware and more.But the free version of Microsoft antivirans can be a pain.The free version will let you download apps and add-ons from Microsoft without any […]

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How to disable Antivirus on your PC

Here’s how to install antivirus and other protection software on your computer, if you don’t want it to get infected by malware.The steps are described in detail below.If you have any questions or concerns, let us know in the comments.1.Download the software.Windows 10 for PC should be installed on your desktop.The installer should tell you […]

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How to prevent antivirus scams from infecting your PC

As we’ve previously reported, malware is still spreading like wildfire in the PC space.This is because antivirus providers like Trend Micro, Kaspersky and McAfee have had to deal with an avalanche of bogus malware, and some of those infections have been extremely difficult to trace back.But now a new malware outbreak has surfaced targeting some […]

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Norton antivirus – Best antivirus

Norton is the most trusted antivirus brand in the world and is currently the only one offering free antivirus on their Windows 10 and OS X software.However, the company has recently had a string of issues and security issues with their software and the recent announcement of an update to Norton antiviscourner has not gone […]

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