How to protect yourself from pandemic viruses

There’s been an outbreak of coronavirus and a pandemic pandemic virus, and the virus is spreading faster than anyone expected.That means you might want to protect your system before it’s too late.Here’s how.1.Get your system up and running.If you have antivirus software installed, you’re protected.But if you don’t, the virus might have already infected your […]

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Norton antivirus reviews – Best Mac antivirus

Norton antiviruses are one of the best antivirus software out there.With a lot of features and security improvements, Norton antivirs are one that anyone can install on their Macs.The latest version of Norton antivircuses is version 10.5.1.This update is the same one as the previous update, but the new version of the Norton antivair brings […]

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Mac antivirus free for a month?

An antivirus company has offered a free version of its Mac antiviscare suite for a few months, but it is unclear whether the company will be able to offer a permanent version of the software.Avira CEO Paul O’Brien tweeted Wednesday that the company had “a limited number of Mac antiviruses that we’ve been able to […]

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Best Mac Antivirus for 2018

A new report by antivirus firm Avira warns that antivirus software from Norton and Avira could be vulnerable to attacks.The Norton and Norton Antivir software is one of the best-selling antivirus products, but Avira says its software is vulnerable to malware attacks.It has been pointed out that antiviruses can be bought at some retailers for […]

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How to choose the best Mac antivirus program

Best Mac antiviruses are becoming increasingly popular.In fact, Mac antiviral products are already on sale, and it’s not just a matter of price.Best Mac security products are also on the way, with antivirus companies now releasing more than 30 new versions of their antivirus products.Here are the top 10 best Mac security programs for 2017.1.Avanti […]

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