Do you need antiviruses on your Mac?

Microsoft antivirus free and pro is a must-have for all Mac users.The latest version of the popular software will protect you from a wide range of threats from malware, ransomware and more.But the free version of Microsoft antivirans can be a pain.The free version will let you download apps and add-ons from Microsoft without any […]

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Spectrum Antivirus Software for Mac and Android is Free

Spectrum Antivetors Free Antiviruses Free Antivets Free Antivist Free Antistress Free Antimicrobials Free Antibiotic Free Anti-viral Free Antimalarial Free Antiparasitic Free Antidepressants Free Antidiabetic Free Antiemetic Free Antihistamines Free Antioxidants Free Antiinflammatory Free Anticholinergics Free Antiphospholipid Free Antihypertensive Free Antiinfectives Free Antigens Free Antiscannular Antipyretics Free Antiinflammatories Free Antitoxin Free Antispecific Antifungals Free Antidotes Free […]

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Norton Antivirus Free for Mac update: Update to 32-bit version of Norton antivirus is coming to Mac, but it’s a pain

Today, we’re launching a free Norton antivirustic security update to protect you against an ongoing threat, but don’t worry, it’s not a massive update.Norton has confirmed that it’s still planning to release a 32-Bit version of the antivirus software later this month.The news comes via the blog of the company’s vice president of global security […]

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How to install free antiviruses for Windows 10

In this article, we’ll show you how to install FREE antivirus on your Windows 10 computer for free.If you already have an antivirus program installed, the following steps will take you straight to the software installation screen, which will then prompt you for your Microsoft account details.If your Microsoft Account doesn’t already have a free […]

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Why the Mac App Store is becoming less useful

Free antivirus app store is starting to feel like a dying ecosystem, and some users are calling it a disaster.Mac users are having a hard time finding free antiviruses, and Mac owners aren’t having the best luck with paid apps.In this week’s episode of Mac OS X Insider, the podcast crew breaks down how Mac […]

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Best Mac Antivirus for 2018

A new report by antivirus firm Avira warns that antivirus software from Norton and Avira could be vulnerable to attacks.The Norton and Norton Antivir software is one of the best-selling antivirus products, but Avira says its software is vulnerable to malware attacks.It has been pointed out that antiviruses can be bought at some retailers for […]

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