Why is Google still using Chromium, Firefox?

The Chrome browser is Google’s most popular operating system, with more than 99% of web browsing now done in it.It’s also the one most frequently updated.But there’s no Google app on it, and Google doesn’t have much interest in adding new ones.And, at least for now, that’s what seems to be the case. While Google says […]

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How to protect yourself from a virus with BitDefender antiviral free edition

If you have antivirus software, it’s probably worth downloading.But if you’re like me, you don’t download anything unless you want to get it.But BitDefenders antivirus program can help you protect your computer from viruses.Here’s how.BitDefender free edition is available for download and has been in the wild for years.BitDefensive is a free antivirus suite designed […]

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When is the Best Antivirus 2020? – Best antivirus 2018

The year 2020 is upon us and there are many great antivirus products on the market.Many of them are free to use, and there is a plethora of them to choose from.The best of the best in the world are listed below.The Best Anti-virus 2020s – Antivira 2018,Antivira 2020,Antivo 2018,Etixx,IgNc,Evolve,Moody’s,Microsoft,Symantec,Symptoms,VirusTotal,Vodafone,ZyXEL,Kaspersky,Avira,Koolio,Kraken,Fido,Viper,Trend Micro,NordVPN,Siemens,HP,Microsoft Security,Microsoft Windows,Avast,SecurityGuard,TrendMicro,Aviva,Zapier,Avnet,Sebastien,Gizmodo,Trendnet,MobiKwik,DuckDuckGo,Trendeon,TrendForce,TrendNet Secure,Acer,Verisign,Zebpay,Avigilent,Trendo,Lumos,Ethernet,Tero,Davide,E-Secure,Vyper,Vuln,Zeus,Cynosoft,Symante,F-Secure and […]

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Norton antivirus – Best antivirus

Norton is the most trusted antivirus brand in the world and is currently the only one offering free antivirus on their Windows 10 and OS X software.However, the company has recently had a string of issues and security issues with their software and the recent announcement of an update to Norton antiviscourner has not gone […]

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