Security in security products – fixed

We are software developers. Which means we are humans (so far). And all humans make mistakes. That’s why you won’t find a software developer in the world whose products are without any flaws or mistakes. Simply put: Bugs happen. It’s normal. Bug busters wanted What is not normal is not trying to find and fix […]

The cybersecurity of the Terminator

The latest Terminator movie is set to hit the big screen. According to its creators, its plot is a continuation of the seminal Terminator 2: Judgment Day, with all installments in-between relegated to an alternative branch of reality. In general, the idea of an AI rebellion is clearly an information security problem, so we decided to examine the […]

Transatlantic Cable podcast, episode 116

This week on the Kaspersky Transatlantic Cable podcast, Dave and I talk about a number of stories that tie back to the police theme. To kick off episode 116, we take a look at a story within the automotive space. There, the author puts on his cybersleuthing hat to figure out that the license plates of cars used […]

Kaspersky contributes to the NIS Summer School organized by ENISA and FORTH

Jochen Michels, Head of Public Affairs, Europe Kaspersky experts to provide dedicated training sessions on incident response in ICS environments and in other cases Trust and security are at the core of the European Union Digital Single Market Strategy (presented in 2015) together with efforts aimed at enhancing cybersecurity, as stated in the 19th Progress Report towards an effective […]

Protecting public clouds from common vulnerabilities

Many businesses already utilize a cloud environment that consists of on-premises private cloud and public cloud resources — a hybrid cloud. However, when it comes to cybersecurity, companies tend to focus more on protection of physical or virtualized environments, paying much less attention to the part of their infrastructure that resides in public clouds. Some […]

What happened to Kaspersky Free antivirus ?

We’ve answered this one a bunch lately, so we decided to address it in a post. When a user tries to download Kaspersky Free antivirus, they find that they have downloaded  Kaspersky Security Cloud — Free instead. Here’s why. Back in 2017, we introduced Kaspersky Free antivirus globally, a solution that offered basic protection for PC users at absolutely no […]

Kaspersky Incident Communications

I remember that day like it was yesterday: Our CEO called me into his office, asking me to leave my smartphone and laptop at my desk. “We’ve been hacked,” he said bluntly. “The investigation is still ongoing, but we can confirm that we have an active, extremely sophisticated, nation-state sponsored attacker inside our perimeter.” To […]

Machine learning–aided scams

New technologies are clearly changing the world, but not the human psyche. As a result, evil geniuses are devising new technological innovations to target vulnerabilities in the human brain. One vivid example is the story of how scammers mimicked the voice of an international CEO to trick the head of a subsidiary into transferring money to shady […]

Smominru botnet infects 4,700 new PCs daily

Active since 2017, Smominru has now become one of the most rapidly spreading computer malware, according to a publicly available report. In 2019, during August alone, it infected 90,000 machines worldwide, with an infection rate of up to 4,700 сcomputers per day. China, Taiwan, Russia, Brazil, and the US have seen the most attacks, but that […]

Simjacker: SIM-based phone hacking

Recently, experts at AdaptiveMobile Security discovered a method of attack on mobile phones that can be carried out using a normal computer and a dirt-cheap USB modem. Whereas some older methods of cellular surveillance required special equipment and a telecom operating license, this attack, called Simjacker, takes advantage of a vulnerability found in SIM cards. It’s all about [email protected] […]

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