What’s next for Bitdefender?

Bitdefenders antivirus program is getting a few updates to address security issues in the coming months.The company announced today that it is introducing a new beta version of its Bitdefence security software, which will be available to download for free via its website.It will also be available for $2.99.The new version of Bitdefences software will […]

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How to get rid of ransomware: A guide

Get the latest antivirus news, analysis and solutions from ABC News.article Posted November 20, 2018 07:19:31What is ransomware?Ransomware is a piece of software that encrypts files, data and information, usually over the Internet, and demands a ransom to recover it.The ransomware usually uses a clever combination of digital fingerprints, a message and an embedded virus […]

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Which antivirus software will save you from viruses?

Avast, the leading antivirus and anti-malware software provider, just released its annual report.This year, the company announced the top ten antivirus products that it expects to keep customers safe.It also released a new report for 2017, which includes the top five products from its security and privacy suite.Here are the top 10.1.Avast AV-2400AV

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How to find the best free antiviruses for pc

You’re about to see the definitive definition of “free antivirus”.That’s because we have a definition for “free” as well as a “premium” version.You may be asking yourself: why are we using a premium version of an antivirus program?We thought about it, and it turns out we’re really good at it.It’s why we like to take […]

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