Secure Anywhere is the antivirus solution you need

A new version of the popular antivirus application Webroot SecureAnywhere has been released.The software, available as a free download from Apple’s App Store, is a full-featured antivirus suite that works across all platforms.The suite has been built for macOS and Android devices.The new version includes new features such as full security and data protection features.“It’s […]

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Microsoft’s Antivirus Is ‘Good Enough’ To Take On Google’s Chrome and Apple’s Safari

The Windows operating system is “good enough” to compete with Google’s browser on a number of fronts, including malware detection, antivirus and phishing protection, Microsoft chief technology officer Scott Guthrie said Tuesday.Guthrie, speaking at a Microsoft event in San Francisco, said Windows 10, which is the current version of the company’s operating system, is “really […]

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When is the Best Antivirus 2020? – Best antivirus 2018

The year 2020 is upon us and there are many great antivirus products on the market.Many of them are free to use, and there is a plethora of them to choose from.The best of the best in the world are listed below.The Best Anti-virus 2020s – Antivira 2018,Antivira 2020,Antivo 2018,Etixx,IgNc,Evolve,Moody’s,Microsoft,Symantec,Symptoms,VirusTotal,Vodafone,ZyXEL,Kaspersky,Avira,Koolio,Kraken,Fido,Viper,Trend Micro,NordVPN,Siemens,HP,Microsoft Security,Microsoft Windows,Avast,SecurityGuard,TrendMicro,Aviva,Zapier,Avnet,Sebastien,Gizmodo,Trendnet,MobiKwik,DuckDuckGo,Trendeon,TrendForce,TrendNet Secure,Acer,Verisign,Zebpay,Avigilent,Trendo,Lumos,Ethernet,Tero,Davide,E-Secure,Vyper,Vuln,Zeus,Cynosoft,Symante,F-Secure and […]

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What to know about Norton antivirus

You might be thinking, “Wow, Norton is so much more than antivirus.It has tons of great features!”But here’s the thing: You don’t have to use Norton’s antivirus suite to stay safe.It’s easy to get started using Norton’s suite of tools to protect your privacy, manage your PC, and get security updates for free.But we’re going […]

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